How to Survive the Awakening or Energy Shift

As the energy field around us shifts to higher vibrations, many people are awakening to their true, spiritual nature. They are awakening to their birth right to be happy, healthy and free. They are connecting with these higher vibration energies.The higher vibrations of these energies will bring better health, happiness and inner peace if we open our hearts to it. Because energy and consciousness are connected, as the energy in and around us rises so does our consciousness. Thus, a global human awakening occurs.For our own health and happiness, it is important to raise our vibrations and cultivate inner peace, peace of mind and joy. It is important for us to shift to higher vibrations and let go of and release lower vibration energies.As we connect to and draw in these higher vibration energies, we will be happier and healthier. We will feel more peaceful. But, our health and happiness will be damaged if we continue to hold onto the painful past and negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions. The higher vibration energies we draw in and send out from our heart will help cleanse the lower vibration energies in us. Happiness begins with freedom from the painful past and connecting to, drawing in and sending out love – pure infinite, unconditional love.You will find infinite, unconditional love in your heart/heart chakra. It is Divine, high vibration, life force energy. It is Source energy. You will feel it when you cleanse and heal your heart chakra, open your heart and let go of stored emotional pain. You will find freedom when you free your mind of ongoing negative thoughts and negative, rigid and limiting beliefs.Freedom begins when we free ourselves of the painful past and the negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions that grip us. The negative thoughts lead to negative emotions and the negative thoughts come from negative, rigid and limiting beliefs that often come out of the painful past.Freedom begins when we change our beliefs from negative to positive and forgive ourselves and all others and let go of the painful past. Freedom begins when we stop worried thoughts, angry thoughts and comparative thoughts that cause us to focus on lack.Freedom begins when we stop thinking about those who hurt us. It comes when we stop dwelling on negative situations and, instead, focus on our own happiness. Freedom begins when we turn off the news and turn on the music. It begins when we focus on our precious loved ones and the kind and positive people and pets in our lives who make us feel good -and not those who hurt and intimidate us and make us feel bad.To be free, cultivate the feeling of freedom. To feel free, shed negative, rigid and limiting beliefs and stop living in your head/thoughts (shift into your heart and live there). Stop uncontrolled, running negative thoughts.. Freedom begins when you focus on all the details of the moments in life and the beauty of nature all around you and when you experience the moment in your heart (and not in your head/thoughts).Negative, rigid and limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and emotions will lower your vibrations. Stress, depression, fear, anxiety, worry, anger, guilt and shame lead to low vibrations. Physical, mental and emotional illness come from these lower vibrations.So, change your beliefs from negative to positive with positive affirmations, open your mind and your heart and relax and live. You can find positive affirmations on YouTube. These will help change your beliefs from negative to positive. Say them to yourself over and over each day until you believe them. Open your heart and mind and let go of negative and rigid beliefs. This will help raise your vibrations by elevating your thoughts and emotions.The energy shift will make you feel good inside if you open your heart and mind to the higher vibration energies. This will happen as you cultivate ongoing feelings of love, peace, harmony, balance and happiness, as you focus on having fun and enjoying life, as you center, ground and free yourself. You will then feel the ongoing vibrations of inner peace and happiness in your heart and torso.These feelings can only be found inside your body. You must go inside yourself to cultivate them and do inner work (especially heart centered meditation and prayer). Focus on love- being love, filling yourself up with love, sending love (and praying for others) and being loving, patient and kind.The high vibration energies are life force energies of pure unconditional love. High vibration energies lead to happiness, inner peace and good health. Low vibration, negative energies lead pain and illness. Low vibration, negative energies are channeled into us from our own negative beliefs and thoughts, our ego-based intellect, our negative speech and acts and a negative inner voice.As we dwell on the negative and hold onto the painful past and cultivate negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions through the ego-based intellect, we bring toxic, negative energy into ourselves. These energies form negative energy blockages and chords restrict the free flow of life force energy through our bodies and lower our vibrations. Negative energy compels more negative thoughts and emotions.Negative beliefs lead to negative thoughts and negative thoughts cause negative emotions, such as anger, fear, anxiety, guilt, regrets and resentment. These emotions bring toxic low vibration energy in our bodies. For good health and happiness, it is essential to be mindful of our beliefs, thoughts and emotions and shift out of negative territory and back into positive territory.To take advantage of the energy shift, open your heart and mind, meditate and pray in and from your heart daily. Express gratitude, Accept and do not judge. Rather observe and be fully engaged and focused in the moment. The most important thing to do now is to center yourself in your heart. Shift out of your head and into your heart. Live in your heart, in the moment, in your senses and in the flow of the Divine energies of unconditional love. Use your head for positive and productive thoughts.. Let go of all narrow and rigid beliefs and just live, just be.So, we focus on our own happiness first – inner peace, peace of mind and higher vibrations.Do little things to raise your vibrations – these include smiles, kindness, kind and positive words and patience in your daily interactions. Listen to peaceful and joyful music. Dance. Enjoy life. Live each moment to the fullest. Be fully present in each moment. Take the time to experience each moment with your full senses. Try to not experience the moment in your head and thoughts, but in your heart and senses. Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions. If they become negative, then take the time to shift back into your heart, focus solely on your breath for a few minutes and get back into being in the moment with full attention and awareness.To raise your vibrations: Do things that are fun. Make yourself happy. Do not hurt or deceive others. Enjoy and fully experiencing each moment. Get in and around nature often. Do what makes you happy – laugh, smile, dance, exercise, do yoga, take walks. Give yourself the gift of inner peace through meditation, prayer and yoga.Become conscious of your eternal and spiritual nature. Feed that aspect of yourself – with music, harmony, nature and fun. Your eternal and spiritual nature is free, happy and filled with love and light. This is the side of you that wants to have fun and enjoy life and be peaceful and content. But, negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions along with stress will disconnect you from your eternal and spiritual side. They will cut you off from the flow of Source energy felt in the heart/heart chakra.Let go of obsessive desires, worries and concerns and love yourself )i.e., make yourself happy). Do what is necessary to reduce stress factors in your life including the stress that comes from negative and toxic people, environments and situations. Let go and focus on achieving and maintaining peace of mind, inner peace and happiness.Improve your posture. Exercise, stretch and do yoga. Dance.Get massages. Eat mostly fresh, whole (organic if possible) vegetables and fruit. All of this will help raise your vibrations, relax your body and improve the flow of energy in your body. Try to experience life in the moment, through your senses and not your thoughts, by shifting out of your head and into your heart.The law of attraction will work for you as you get rid of the negative and cultivate the positive. The negative lowers your vibrations. The positive raises them. Pursuant to the law of attraction, “like attracts like.” As a positive, high vibration person, you will attract the positive into your life.We are all connected to each other, the Earth and Universe. You can bring Earth energy into your body through the bare soles of your feet. This is done by grounding yourself with your bare feet. Earth energy is healing energy.You can connect to the high vibrations of the energy field that surrounds the Earth through your heart. This brings an ongoing feeling of inner peace and happiness. You access this energy through deep breathing and your heart. Flush out and let go of the painful past and stored negative thoughts and emotions. Cultivate positive thoughts and emotions and let go of negative ones.The energy that is in us affects our thoughts and emotions and our thoughts and emotions affect the energy that is in us. Positive energy brings us positive thoughts and emotions and positive thoughts and emotions bring us positive energy.Go for energy healing and cleansing. This includes Reiki, acupuncture, emotional freedom techniques, massage and other types of energy healing modalities.Here are some exercises to bring inner peace and higher vibrations:Positive affirmationsNegative thoughts come from rigid, narrow and negative beliefs. Positive thoughts come from positive beliefs and an open mind and heart. Positive thinking requires us to love and honor ourselves and be kind to ourselves. We need to cultivate a kind inner voice and get rid of the judgmental and critical inner voice. We need to stop beating ourselves up about the past. The past is over and cannot be changed. We can change the future by changing ourselves in the now. This requires us to forgive ourselves for the past and let go of and detach from the past. We do this so we can move forward in a positive and happy state of mind. An important aspect of positive thinking is to develop positive beliefs about ourselves. Positive affirmations are an essential way to do this. Positive affirmations include the words “I am” and an adjective. For example, we say over and over to ourselves “I am happy, peaceful and serene. I am love, loved and lovable. I am perfect just the way I am.” There are many other positive affirmations. See YouTube for positive affirmation exercises.White light meditationSit comfortably or lie down. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Get relaxed. Visualize a bright white sun where your heart is.Visualize that this bright white sun radiates bright white light in your entire body. Visualize that the white light fills up your entire body and creates an intact white aura all around you. The goal is to raise your vibrations. Clasp your hands together and visualize this white light go out three to six inches from you. Now hold the visualized white light there with the intention of raising your vibrations. Visualized white light will cleanse and heal your energy body and raise your vibrations. This will help life force energy flow more freely through your body.To raise your vibrations, sit comfortably, open your hand and repeatedly slap your chest and upper arms (not so hard that you hurt yourself). When you stop, you will feel these vibrations in your body. To raise your vibrations, shift out of your head and thoughts and into your heart, solar plexus and torso and live there as much as possible. Take a few seconds each day to visualize that you are filled up with white light and that an intact shell of white light surrounds you. This will help protect you from negative energy. Send out visualized white light from your heart as often as possible. Put citrine, orgone, rose quartz and/or clear crystals (high vibration crystals) over your heart or hold them in your left hand when you do this exercise. Put them in your home, carry them in your pockets and/or wear them over your heart. They will help raise your vibrations.Green and blue light meditationSit comfortably close your eyes and focus on your breath. Get relaxed. Visualize a bright green and then bright light-blue sun where your heart is and then in front of you. Visualize that this inner sun radiates bright green and then bright blue light in your entire body and head. Visualize that these colors – green and light blue- fill up your entire body and head and create an intact color aura around you. Green is for healing depression. Light blue is for healing anxiety. If you have trouble visualizing the colors green and light blue, then look at the colors and then close your eyes and imagine them. Look at grass and trees for green and the blue sky and water for light blue.Chakra cleansing, healing, balancing and alignmentClose your eyes and sit comfortably or lie down. Focus on each of the seven major chakra points, one at the time and visualize that you bathe them in white light. Then visualize each of the chakra colors one at a time with your eyes closed. YouTube has good chakra cleansing, healing, balancing and alignment meditation videos.The Violet FlameSit comfortably close your eyes and focus on your breath. Get relaxed. Hold your hands open in a position of receiving from the Universe. Visualize a violet flame in front of you, like a campfire flame. Invite that flame into your body and feel it fill your body up from your belly to your throat. Feel it raise your vibrations as it burns off low vibration negative energy in you. Put citrine (high vibration crystal) over your heart or hold it in your left hand when you do this exercise.Melting the hard shell around the heart (heart chakra)Traumas and stress often cause a hard energetic shell to form around the heart (or heart chakra). To more effectively draw in chi energy/positive energy/love, melt this hard energetic shell around the heart. In meditation, close your eyes and visualize a hard gray shell around your heart. Visualize a white light orb above or in front of you. Visualize that this white light orb shoots out laser beams that blast the hard gray shell around your heart. Visualize the hard shell melt and your heart become pink, open, soft and vital. Put rose quartz over your heart or hold it in your left hand when you do this exercise.Higher self and inner child meditation/visualizationsThese exercises will help build up your inner power, self confidence, self esteem and happiness. This is done by connecting and integrating with your higher self (i.e., your soul) and inner child. Your higher self/soul is all loving, happy, holy and peaceful. Your inner child is full of happiness, wonder, energy and fun. When we are fully connected to and integrated with our higher self and inner child, we feel happy, peaceful, complete and confident. We have high self esteem, a lot of energy and we enjoy life. In meditation visualize a pure white angel that looks just like you (but is happy, peaceful and full of love and white light). See an energy cord connect you to that angel from your heart. Visualize that angel (your higher self) now merge with you. Visualize you as a child playing and having fun. See an energy cord connect you to that child from your heart. Visualize that child (your inner child) now merge with you. Visualize that you hug that child and tell him or her that he or she is safe and to just have fun. Take a pillow and visualize that pillow is you as a child and hug it. Tell the inner child you love him or her. Now, become the loving inner parent to our inner child. Indulge your inner child everyday by allowing yourself to have fun and do things that make you happy.Meditation/visualizations to get rid of negativityHere is an exercise to get rid of stored anger, fear, anxiety and painful and negative memories: Visualize the image of the painful event from the past or the image that worries you about the future. Close your eyes and visualize this image in a glass ball that hovers a few feet in front of you. Put your hands on this visualized ball and push it with force deep into the ground. Hear and feel the energy cords that attach you to the image snap and fall away. Do this over and over until the image no longer has an energetic grip on you and all related anger and fear melt away. As you push the ball deep into the ground say the following to yourself: “Into the ground, into the core go away, melt away, gone.” In deep meditation, visualize positive scenes that make you feel happy. Focus on scenes from nature and celebrations.Cutting energy cordsThe ego spins out energy attachments to people, things, substances and beliefs to fill a void. These energy attachments lead to unbalanced thoughts, obsessions, ruminations, lusts and addictions. As we build up the white light within and connect and integrate with higher self and inner child, the void disappears and we will not spin out these energy cords very much. In order to substantially reduce ruminations, obsessions, lusts and addictions and establish balance, it is important to cut energy cords – especially energy cords with negative and toxic people and painful memories and achieve and maintain inner peace and balance. Likewise, it is important to let go of anger and hate and fear. To heal, it is important to detach from and let go of emotional pain. So, to cut energy cords, do the following: Sit down and close your eyes. Visualize the energy cords that attach you to people, things, substances, ideas and beliefs that cause unbalanced or obsessive thoughts and addictions. Visualize them as cords connected to your heart and torso. With your weak hand visualize that you grab the cords. Then with your strong hand visualize that you cut them and sever them from you with a visualized knife or scissors. Visualize that they fall away.PrayerSpiritual prayer from the heart is important to connect us to the Divine source of life force energy and our higher selves and to elevate our hearts and souls over our egos. Pray to the Divine from your heart daily. Give praise and thanks to the Divine, ask for forgiveness, and ask for protection and blessings. Recite in your heart the powerful prayers of your faith. With your eyes closed, offer all negativity and sin to the Divine and ask the Divine to lift all this from you. Visualize that you are offering up this negative bundle with your eyes closed and feel it lift from you.GroundingGrounding is important to do to fully focus your mind and to be in the moment. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and your feet firmly planted on the ground. Take off your shoes. Visualize that roots or laser beams shoot out from your feet and into the earth, going all the way to the center of the earth. Visualize that they anchor you firmly to the earth. Visualize that you draw the energy of the earth in through the soles of your feet and up your body.CenteringCenter yourself in the middle of your heart and the middle of your forehead and stand or sit straight. Posture is important. Negative thoughts and a negative inner voice come in when we are un-focused and slouching. Visualize a big white sun where your heart is located. Close your eyes and put your hand over your heart and shift your consciousness and energy to that spot. Alternatively, visualize an orb of white light above your head and below your feet and visualize that a beam of white light shoots out from the orbs and the light beams meet at the center of your body. With respect to centering in the middle of your forehead, put your fingers on your forehead and shift your energy and consciousness there. Center and focus. To fortify your ability to center and focus, do directed or seed mediation set forth above. Negative thoughts and a negative inner voice come from the sides and back of the head. Therefore, centering your energy and consciousness in the middle of your forehead is important to still the negative thoughts and negative inner voice. Be mindful of negative thoughts and a negative inner voice. When they come, switch to positive thoughts and images, positive affirmations, deep breathing exercises, centering yourself and staying focused in the moment. Live in the moment and your senses and not in your thoughts. Thoughts tend to always go negative when we live in them. Stop angry thoughts about the painful past or worried thoughts about the future especially. Just Be.Visualization for energy and powerSit comfortably with your eyes closed and your feet firmly planted on the ground. Clasp your hands together. Visualize and will the energy from the earth come up the soles of your feet, up your legs and accumulate as a molten mass of energy in your solar plexus. Hold that energy there. Alternatively, visualize a bright white sun in the middle of your solar plexus or an orb of white light in front of you that shoots white light in you. Visualize this white light accumulate like a molten mass of energy in your solar plexus. Hold the energy in your solar plexus for awhile. Meditate on the color yellow for energy and power and orange for happiness.