How to Increase Your Energy to Reflect The Gorgeous You!

Could this be your story?”I was feeling down the other day. The truth is, I am maxed out on life and really concerned about my future. I let it get to me.When I think about “what could” happen in my life, I get focused on the worst case scenarios. This makes me feel small and lonely. Who can I tell about my experiences? Who would understand my fears and be able to empathize with my situation?”The truth is, no one would want to listen if this is the energy you carry with you most of the time.You can choose to carry low energy or high energy. Low energy pushes people away. You can feel when people’s energy is low, can’t you? Maybe your energy is low which could have attracted you to this opening statement.You can change it.Everything is energy.Rocks, trees, animals, you, and your thoughts are all energy. If you understand this, you understand the world!This is what I mean. At the base level, at the quantum physics level, matter is simply vibrating energy. Different forms of energy and waves make up the world we see. The energy of bedrock is slower than that of a tree’s trunk. The energy of water is slower than the energy from the sun. And the energy from the sun is slower than the energy of your thoughts. Our thoughts are incredibly high forms of energy which allow us to create our life as we think of it.Quarks are the smallest structures of matter that physicists have been able to identify, and they can only see them when they are looking for them. Quarks fade in and out of our reality. Do you get it?Energy can only be perceived by the observer: you and me. If we look for something, we will see it. So when I look at the worst case scenario, I can see it and bring it into my life. However, when I look at the best case dream, I can bring this into my life.Let’s break this down a bit into manageable chunks.Energy in your controlViktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor, said this:”Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”Here is an individual who had everything taken away from him. At his most suffering hour he chose his attitude and realized he was free beyond imagination. In other words, he chose to control his own energy. You have this same ability within you right now.You can focus on your energy. Begin by feeling your heart beat within you and go from there to feel your hands, feet and hair. This is your energy vibration. When you are quiet enough in your mind, you can feel this, and you can control it. Increase your energy by focusing on feeling it more and more.Other ways to increase your energy are to exercise and crank up some fun, high energy music. Dance.Raise your EnergyThere are several ways to increase your energy. We already mentioned that your thoughts are very high energy forms and they create your world. So, an amazing way to increase your energy is to control and select your thoughts with intention. This certainly takes practice and dedication. When you identify a thought that takes your energy away, simply cancel it. I do this by yelling inside my head, “Cancel, Cancel, Cancel!” Over time, this will remove the negative thought. I then replace the negative thought with a positive outcome. For example, if I think about what bankruptcy might look like for me, I can be aware of this thought (as it brings actual bankruptcy closer to reality) and I yell “Cancel, Cancel, Cancel.” After this, I think about financial freedom, which I really want, and I spend time in this daydream for a few moments. Immediately, my energy is raised.People’s Energy and YouAs you become more aware of your energy levels, you will also notice the energy of other people. Some people will become attractive to you as you notice a high level of energy which is similar to yours, and other people will begin to bring you down. When you notice this, simply walk away and remove yourself from the low energy people. These people may in fact be close friends or relatives. How do you handle this? Simply remove yourself. You do not need to make a dramatic statement or close off relationships all together. Simply be aware of it, send them love, and put some space between you to keep your energy high. Eventually you will affect these other people with your high energy. However, you must protect your energy levels at all times. It has been said that your annual salary is an average of the annual salary of those you spend the most time with in your life. Money is energy too, and if you care to raise your income, look at the people you spend time with on a weekly basis. Might you desire change?Energy is constantly changing. Change is the only constant. When you learn to control your highest energy forms-your thoughts-you will drastically change your environment and relationships. You can build relationships with high energy people when you raise your energy. Your energy can be raised by making a choice and by helping to raise other people’s energy. It is all within your control.Remember this acronym to help you control your E.N.E.R.G.Y.Everything is New Energy. Reflect Gorgeous You